Complete Product Verification within 30 Minutes

We have developed a seamless blockchain-enabled product authentication API that can be easily integrated into any website, desktop or mobile application.

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  • Enterprise:
    For businesses wanting to provide authentication and build customer trust, our simple-to-use product authentication app and API empowers your retail-ecommerce business and marketplace of any size to provide authentication and build customer trust. As a team of professionals, we bring over 20+ years of combined experience as sneaker enthusiasts and technologists. Using our proprietary, patent-pending technology, we reduce businesses' financial losses due to counterfeiting, while saving brands' reputations. Contact Sales
  • Why Now:

    1: The rise of e-commerce during COVID-19 has created a favorable market for counterfeit goods.

    2: The demand for authentic products is increasing among consumers.

    3: 47% of brands are losing sales as a result of counterfeit goods.